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10 Best and Easy Ways to Make Money Online with Facebook in 2020

Do you know? There are over 2.41 billion active monthly users on Facebook (in 2019). Facebook is a really powerful tool to make money online. One can make money online with Facebook, I know people who are even making multi-thousand dollars with Facebook alone in one or other ways (directly or indirectly).

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Don’t just use Facebook to connect with your old friends, to share what do you feel, to share stories, and upload photos, etc. If you’re thinking for some active or passive side income, you can make use of Facebook to make money online.

No matter what space you are in, there is every kind of audience on this popular social media platform. 

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Here is a frequently asked question?

Businesses can make money online with Facebook but what about individuals? Is there any possibility make money with Facebook?

Short answer – Yes! Individuals can easily (not very easily) earn money online with Facebook. Facebook now pays directly to businesses and individuals. 

There are not many but only one or two ways to monetize directly (will address later on this page) but earning a decent amount is also possible in some indirect ways that I’m about to mention in the subsequent blog post.

Not in one way, there are tons of money-making ways using Facebook. Be it marketing, advertising, promoting your business, and so on. There are several options to monetize directly or indirectly on Facebook.

Before I go ahead, I want you to walk through the lines I’m going to mention below, it’ll help you to make a crystal-clear decision if Facebook is for you or not to make money online?

You might already know that you can’t make more than 5000 friends on Facebook through your profile. But the more people you have in your community the more you’ll earn. So, instead of earnings through your personal profile, I’d recommend you to earn via a Facebook page or a group. 

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People with a Facebook page with a higher number of likes or groups with a lot of members have the potential to earn more. Earlier, I was managing a page with over 50K likes, there I had felt the power of Facebook in terms of earnings. 

It was very common for the page owner to get multiple proposals every day for earning opportunities, sometimes for affiliate, sometimes to promote a product from a brand, and a lot more.

Now, you know why and what do you need to start making money with Facebook. You need a Facebook page or a group with a massive number of members or likes, now the next question is,

How can I get a decent amount of Facebook page likes/group members?

I won’t tell you in detail but will break down some easy and proven steps to get a good number of likes/group members. 

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to create a Facebook page or a group, for that, select a topic that must be related to entertainment. Since entertainment grabs a lot of user attention and gets the most shares.

Now, let’s have a look at:

How to get more Facebook page likes

  1.  Create a Facebook page with some awesome and catchy names. The page name is important, if it’s compelling it’ll allow users to like the page when shown in the page suggestion list.  
  2. Use a robust profile picture and cover photo.
  3. Invite all your friends to like your newly created Facebook page.
  4. Ask your friends to invite their friends to like your page and also ask them to share your page on their timeline or wall. 
  5. Post the relevant content that should be engaging, be it photos, images, or videos so that it may get shares, this way you are more likely to get more page likes. 
  6. Post consistently, once or twice a day (you may include promotional content). Again, make sure the content should be engaging such that people want to comment and share your content.

Here is a video that performed so well in the last year. It is one of the most popular posts on Facebook by a speaker/storyteller, Jay Shetty.

Have you noticed two things:

First, it is a video. According to a blog post published on Buffer, 81.8% of the content type were videos that did so well in 2018.

Graph for the top 500 posts type of 2018

Second, it belongs to one of these categories – Inspirational, funny, or practical content. This type of content tends to get the most engagement.

If you’re thinking of ‘How to make money with Facebook using a group‘, you should know:

How to get more group members

  1. Create a Facebook group (make sure your group privacy is public).
  2. Ask your friends to join the group.
  3. Ask your friends to ask their friends too, to join the group that you have created.
  4. Keep an eye on the settings of your group like “All group posts must be approved by an admin or a moderator” and try not and not let to spam, otherwise, your audience will run away.
  5. Post the relevant content that should be engaging, be it photos, images, or videos so that it may get shares, this way you are more likely to get more group members. 
  6. Post consistently, once or twice a day (you may include promotional content). Again, make sure the content should be engaging such that people want to comment and share your content.

There are over 100s of money-making ways with Facebook.

Let’s discuss the money-making ways on Facebook one by one in detail, keep reading…

[Please note that advertising other brand Facebook pages or posts on your Facebook page are a violation of Facebook policies.]

1. You can sell Facebook page likes 

I’ve seen this ad on Facebook,

Sponsored post about earning money online with Facebook by selling likes

Look, how people are selling Facebook page likes, you can too sell likes if you are good at Facebook marketing (Same you can do with Instagram, you can help people to grow their Instagram page if you know Instagram Marketing).

Depending upon the quality of your work you can decide your work rates like 1000 relevant likes for Rs 1000 which is not a bad amount I think, yeah but not too much also.

You can also earn money online with Facebook by helping group admins to add more members to their groups.

There are certainly many other ways to make money online that I’m addressing now. A few of them are for the long term, a few are for the short term, and a few are stepping stone for paid work.

The first way here is categorized under long-term business. As mentioned for that, first, you need to grow your page or group.

2. Earn Money from Facebook Marketplace

This is one of the simplest yet great ways to make money online with Facebook. If you don’t know already, Facebook provides you with the option of selling items/products on their platform in a section of their site so-called Facebook Marketplace

People look for products sellers selling on Facebook by filtering towns, cities, localities, product names, and other demographic details. You can too set up your selling page on Marketplace so that buyers can quickly access and see your products with ease.

I know people who are even running a successful dropshipping business and selling products and making 1000s of dollars every month using Facebook Marketplace. 

You can list your products (either new or old) to sell ranging from electronics to household items to furniture to handicrafts, or anything in your niche. I’ll also tell how to list your products on Facebook Marketplace (step-by-step). But before that let’s have a look at:

Selling tips for Marketplace

  1. When uploading the pictures, make sure pictures are crystal clear that include every detail. Like if you’re posting a rug to sell, then the picture should be like, user can check the material used to make the rug. 
  2. Use multiple pictures of a single product so that the user can look at the product from every dimension (In which the first image should be eye-catching).
  3. Write a detailed description like model number, condition, etc., so that the user can get to know about the most details of a product. Be honest!
  4. Sell your products/items at affordable prices. To decide the right prices for your products, you can have a look at the price from the competitors or you can check the prices of the selling product on other sites like Amazon, eBay or Craigslist, etc.
  5. Potential consumers may ask you for some offer or negotiation in the prices and if it suits you then sell the product otherwise you are not bounded to take the offer. 

You are not required to give your full time to set up a six-figure business with this money-making way or to sell items on Facebook.

All I can say is, you can make some extra cash in a short period of time. If you’re selling on eBay or Craigslist or Amazon or Flipkart or any other Marketplace then this is another avenue for you.

As mentioned, I have to tell you:

How to list items on Facebook Marketplace (Sell for FREE)

Step 1: Go to the Facebook Marketplace or click on the Marketplace icon and then click on ‘sell’ or ‘sell something’ link.

Step 2: Click a photo of your item(s) or you can select the photos of the item(s) from your mobile/PC and upload them.

Step 3: Enter a catchy title and detailed description and price. Include all relevant information about the item that might interest consumers. After that input the asking price.

Step 4: Input the location, buyers use to search the items via location. (Please note that input location will not reveal your address, it’s just a rough location).

Step 5: Select the category of the item, buyers do also search using filter (by category).

Step 6: You can also post the same item in the groups in which you are a member. It will increase the visibility of your listing which in turn gives you more chances to sell your product comparatively faster.

All your items will be stored in the ‘your items’ section. Whenever you’ll receive any offer you will get a notification from the buyers.

Alternatively, you can add a shop section on your Facebook page directly and then list products there to sell.

Let’s jump to another money-making way with Facebook.

3. Drive Traffic from Facebook

There is no doubt that Facebook is a place that can help you to connect like-minded people, companies, and organizations. Have you ever noticed that Facebook serves you what type of site you click on, what type of videos you watch, where you go online, etc.?

You can also take advantage of this feature to make money online with Facebook. Although, this method is only for those who have a website or e-commerce store. Using Facebook, you will compel people to click on the link(s) within your posts on your page which will take the users to your website or landing page or other place connected to your business.

Facebook marketing is generally considered as two-step marketing because you are not directly selling to the buyers all the time. Instead, you’re taking them to your website by grabbing their attention and showing them something they are interested in.

The driven traffic from Facebook is so qualified because they are interested in your business, brand, and products. There (on or website or store) you can sell your products or you can ask them to sign up to your email list which can later be converted into customers.

When you run a campaign on Facebook ads, you can target a very specific audience based on their demographics, interests, and lookalike audience. There is no better tool than Facebook Audience Insights to find your audience.

Pro tip: To increase the traffic to your site using Facebook, you should post high quality and useful content on a consistent basis. When you will provide value to users, they will trust you which will let them come back to your site over and over again.

To name a few, you can post sales pitches, new offers, new product launches, and other stuff from your business. Offers can drive tons of traffic to your site and engagement on your Facebook page.

Alternatively, you can post funny stories, trending news of your space, etc. Videos are doing great these days in comparison to text and images; people are likely to engage with a video 3X more than images. Initially, it’s not required for you to create professional videos, you have to just start then you can improve gradually.

If you have a blog post or video on YouTube (if you’re a creator) then you should be posting your content links to Facebook and other social media channels. This way your content will get more eyeballs and hence there are chances to get shares, backlinks, and traffic.

You may or may not know, social shares are one of the most important Google ranking factors. You can even consider paying for Facebook ads so that a lot more relevant audiences can reach you and your content, it is helpful when you’re building a targeted audience to promote your business or product in the future.

4. Generate Leads from Facebook

This method of making money with Facebook goes right along with the method above ‘Use Facebook to drive traffic’. The different thing in this method is, you’ll be focusing on generating leads.

This is a long-term business you can build with Facebook since it’s a gradual process of making money online with Facebook.

Not all but a percentage of Facebook users could be the possible leads for your business, users that are interested in what you’re offering. The best part is, Facebook makes it very easy to find such a piece of the audience who are interested in your business.

In a similar way, Facebook allows buyers to find you with ease. [Again, you need a Facebook page to explore all these features from Facebook.]

You already know what type of content you have to post to get the most engagement on the Facebook page. Remember to include links to your posts that will take users to your landing page. There you have to give them a reason to sign up to your site, be it a special offer, updates, newsletter, or free course, or whatever it is in your space.

People tend to sign up to your website if they will get some incentive like a free book, a special offer, a case study that is not available on the Internet, reports, etc. in your niche.

There is an option to embed a Sign-up form within your Facebook page as well, you can also use it to collect emails.

Along with posting on your Facebook page, you should also start posting and engaging in other groups of your space. Doing so will drive traffic to your website which may also sign up to your site and results in more leads generation.

Once they are signed up, you can send them promotional emails talking about your products and offers on a regular basis. The highest conversion rate is found to be with email marketing, people are more likely to buy from you if you keep on sending them emails (don’t spam).

After that, you can warm them for products with higher prices over time. If someone finds your low-cost product worth it, then he can also pay more for other products.

You opt to directly run ads for post links like a blog post on your blog or a video on your YouTube channel. When someone will click on your link and visit your website, (s)he will find great and useful content there, you can then offer them upgraded content if they will enter their email address in the required box.

This is an indirect but effective way to build an email list and manage your ads effectively in terms of cost.

5. Earn from Facebook Ads

We have an old proverb,

“To make money, you have to spend some money”.

This saying proved to be true when it comes to running the Facebook ads. You might have already seen the Facebook ads; it might be a sponsored post in your feed or it might be some small banners that usually appear on the right side of the Facebook page.

Sponsored post on Facebook

As mentioned, Facebook serves users what they are interested in, this is why Facebook ads are most effective because if you’re getting served on your interest basis, you are likely to buy a product or click a link.

I know people who have spent $10 on Facebook ads and had made over 100s and 1000s of dollars. As an advertiser, this is a piece of great news for you as your product or link will get more eyeballs of the right people which results in cost optimization.

Please note if you’re not good at running Facebook ads, you may not get any result from there even after spending multi-thousand dollars. Before running ads, I’d recommend you to learn about Facebook ads to get the maximum returns (Watch the video right below).

There is a more common related method called boosting the post in which your already most engaging post(s) can reach more people by paying some extra money. Which may, in turn, drive some new users that may show interest in other products from you.

For your knowledge, boosting a post is the simplest way to run a Facebook ad. If you’re a complete beginner, I’d suggest you start with boosting a post. If everything goes well, you can go ahead with Facebook’s more advances options to promote other posts and make money with Facebook.

6. Bring Customers to Your Offline Business

In this digital age, every consumer expects that every business (s)he interacts with must have a Facebook page. These are the businesses with physical locations like shops, stores, bars & kitchens, and so on.

If you too running an offline business, make sure to create a Facebook page for your business today. It’s not only about creating a Facebook page, but it’s equally important to include your location, description of your business, what are your products or services or offers, etc. to your Facebook business page.

You can also share the news about sales and offers or special offers. Let’s say you are offering something special on the weekend at certain hours, you can tell this to your fans so they can come to your business and can enjoy your offerings.

If somebody is reaching out to you on the Facebook page, make sure to be responsive. Respond to every single comment and message that you get on posts or pages. Conversation with your fans will build trust which is useful in growing a business.

The main objective is to gain more likes on the Facebook business page so that your new posts can reach more and more people. Like if you posted a special offer and your fans like that offer, they are more likely to visit your offline store. There you can sell them your products or services and hence make money online with Facebook.

The only drawback is, this strategy works only if you have an offline business. I feel like this strategy mentioning here so I did.

Also, you should encourage your customers to visit and like your Facebook page to get the latest updates from your side. You may even give incentives to deserving people if they will help you to get more sales.

Please note, Facebook ads can only be run on a Facebook business page, not on your personal profile.

7. Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

This is one of the most powerful and quickest ways of making money online. Facebook is a great platform for Affiliate marketing, even Facebook makes it easy.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Sign up as an affiliate on the website(s) that have an affiliate program. There are a number of sites out there including Amazon, ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, etc. 
  2. You promote products with a referral link from the sites on Facebook page or communities within a space of interested people.
  3. Whenever someone will buy from your link, you’ll get a commission of up to 25%.

The only key to making money with Facebook is to post consistently quality content and to engage with the audience. Make sure you’re tracking the numbers so that you can do the things effectively next time. 

8. Earn Money Online as a Social Media Influencer

Social influencers are the individuals who have a good reputation on social media and who can help a brand to promote their products. Customers are more likely to make a purchase decision when hearing about a product from social influencer since they trust them. 

Many brands are seeking brand influencer who can help them with brand advertising. Several platforms are out there to connect brands with influencers. To name one, Famebit is one of the widely used platforms.

Famebit can help you to get sponsorship for your fan page and social media, that will be a good source of income for you. 

What you have to do is to sign up on Famebit and then connect your social media. Now a brand can connect with you or you can send proposals to the brands by which you can make a decent amount.

Make sure you are sending proposals to the right person.  Alternatively, you can make use of any of these platforms – Grapevine, Instabrand, Paypermost, etc.

These are some indirect ways of making money online using Facebook. Do you know you can make money with Facebook directly monetizing your videos? No! Keep reading, I’ll tell you right here.

Make Money Online with Facebook Directly Monetizing Your Videos

9. Earn with Facebook Ad Breaks

Did you know? Facebook now allows you to make money with its platform directly. You can directly include short ads (called Ad breaks) within your videos to earn money online with Facebook. 

Ad breaks let you include short ads in your eligible videos. You opt to choose your own place where to run the short ad or Facebook will put ads at natural breaks in our content automatically. 

Here are a few requirements which you must be following to make your page eligible for ad breaks. 

  1. Your Facebook page must have 10,000 followers and videos should be published with the page, not with the personal profile. 
  2. You should have 30,000 one minute view in the last 60 days on your video(s) and the video itself must be at least 3 minutes in length.
  3. Ad breaks are limited to some countries, you can check if ad breaks are supported in your country or not. 

Also, you have to follow the community standard and guidelines for a long go with Facebook Ad breaks. 

10. Collaborate with Brands 

Advertisers on Facebook look for the brand promoters or influencers to promote their business.

These brand promoters are the relevant creators on Facebook that can collaborate with brand or businesses, for which, creators get paid. To be a good creator you should be speaking to your communities with authenticity and influence. 

Brand Collabs Manager allow creators to get discovered and generate new deals from advertisers available on Facebook. For that too, your page should meet some certain requirements.

Final Words to Conclude

Earning money online with Facebook is a bit tricky. As mentioned, Facebook does not allow promotion to a large audience organically. The major key is here, just work on engaging with the users and gain page likes or increase members in your group, then you have a number of options available to make money with Facebook.

I have not covered all the money-making methods with Facebook if you know some better way please suggest to me and I’ll add that in this blog post or another if I’ll write.

Stay tuned! A lot more to come. If you need help with your business, feel free to contact me. Subscribe to my website to get updated whenever I’ll release a blog post.

Thanks for your precious time. I hope you find it worthy.


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