How to gain Instagram Followers

Gain Instagram Followers: Instagram Marketing [16 Organic Strategies]

Instagram! It is a community of billions of users, there are more than 1 Billion monthly active users on Instagram. The number of monthly active users is growing even faster. It’s one of the most loving social media platforms. Do you want to gain Instagram followers?

You can use Instagram to grow yourself, your business, your sales and even to drive traffic to your blog/website/YouTube channel. If you have a huge fan base on Instagram, then a lot more can be done with Instagram. It helps you to increase your brand awareness.

I’ve seen people are even making money from Instagram, promoting their brand, generating leads, selling services, doing affiliate marketing. There are countless things people are doing with Instagram. For whatever reasons you wish to use Instagram, you need a huge fan base to get the most out of it, either for business or for personal reasons. For that, you need to gain Instagram followers.

You might have such questions, how to grow Instagram Account? How to gain followers on Instagram? How to get more likes? How to go viral on Instagram? How to get followers on Instagram? etc.

All the above mentioned (or more if you have) questions will be covered as you’ll walk through this blog post. Here, I’m going to share with you a number of actionable and working ways to gain Instagram followers and hence more likes, sales, and services.

I’ve personally tested these methods to grow my own page, You can check out the video. The fruitful this place is the more is competition here, so somewhere it is mandatory for you to stand out.

The Journey of this Blog Post

How to gain followers on Instagram

When I was searching for the tips & tricks to get more Instagram followers. I watched several videos and walked through the various blog posts available on the Internet.

What I find is, tons of stuff and tons of tips & tricks to grow the Instagram account, in which most of the tips are harmful to an Instagram account. While some were useful but less accurate and informative, and hence less useful.

Then I start to perform experiments on my own Instagram account that I’ve specially created for just performing experiments. Then I started to list what works and what doesn’t work?

This blog post is about what worked for me? And what will work for you as well? I promise!

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You can use these tips even if you just want to get famous on Instagram. How good your profile will look with a massive number of followers on Instagram? Curious to know? Let’s check out-

How to gain Instagram followers?

How to Gain Instagram Followers

I’m listing all the working methods with all the necessary details and steps you’re required to follow. So, let’s get started-

1. Generate Creative Content

Like I always use to said, “CONTENT IS KING”. It was true in the past, it is true in present, and I’m sure it’ll be true in the future as well. If your content is creative and possesses quality. Then if not soon, but after some time, you’ll be on the peak. All you need is to be consistent.

People love the stuff something out of your business, so don’t just promote your business or related posts, instead use some other interesting things on your Instagram page. Like you can post some stories, or some other relevant and helpful content.

Pro tip: Videos, live videos, and stories tend to get more engagement.

2. Post at Regular Intervals

How to get more followers on Instargram

This is the key point of growing followers and getting more likes on your Instagram page’s posts. I’ve observed different-different cases on uploading the posts on Instagram. Let me share an overview of my observation.

Case: 1 – I uploaded 1 post every day, then observes the insights and results. The result was a bit satisfactory. But not much as you’re expecting from this blog post.

Case: 2 – I uploaded 2-4 posts every week, then the results were worse than the first case. That’s not what anyone wants. I didn’t get even 100 followers this way.

Case: 3 – I uploaded 3-6 posts every day, and you won’t believe the results made me happy. I gained my followers quickly on Instagram.

Pro Tip: Since I’m a Digital Marketer, So I usually perform experiments, My recent observation says, to get the maximum results, post once after every 3 hours.

If you’re busy to post 3-6 times a day, you can use social media automation tool Buffer to schedule your posts. With Buffer, you can schedule up to 8 posts at a time that too for FREE!

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3. Use appropriate and relevant Hashtags

How to Grow Instagram page

Basically, hashtags in a post are used to reach more audience, the audience that is not following you yet. It is most important to use appropriate and relevant hashtags so that you can reach out to the right audience.

Let’s say you create Digital Business Cards then use hashtags related to your business. To name a few, you could use #BusinessCards #ElectronicBusinessCards, #FreeBusinessCards, etc. Don’t use irrelevant hashtags like #VolleyBall, #Chocolate, etc.

When there is some upcoming event, use their hashtags. Let’s say on the 14th February, it’s Valentine’s day, then you can use #ValentinesDay. People use to search for that particular event and if you have already posted with the same hashtag(s), there is a higher probability to get viral.

Research is also required while using hashtags, analyze which hashtags are getting more engagement, then use the same hashtags more often. Using hashtags with a great volume is not useful at the initial stage.

Pro tip: You can use 30 hashtags in a post on Instagram, but using only 9-10 hashtags get the most engagement. So, use only 9-10 hashtags.

Pro tip: Don’t use same hashtags over and over again in each of your post, since Instagram will start to consider you a bot and you post will reach to lesser people. It’s considered as a kind of spam.

Use different-different hashtags that must be relevant and related to your post. This way you can reach to more and distinct people.

You can use free Instagram tools like Display Purpose, Focalmark, and AutoHash to research and use relevant hashtags.

4. Post Content at the best time

Engagement of any post varies from time to time on a given day. Sprout Social performed a study and figure out that posts between 9 AM to 6 PM tends to get the most engagement from Tuesday through Friday.

Best time to post on Instagram

Thursday is the most engaging day of the week on Instagram. Moreover, posting at 5 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM to 4 PM is most suitable for posting on Instagram. On Wednesday, the recommended time for posting is 3 PM, and on Friday, it’s 5 AM.

You’re advised to schedule your post on the optimal timings mentioned here.  Then perform your research, analyze and make your calculations to take the advantage and grow your page.

5. Like Other People’s Posts (Photos + Videos) in Your Space

How to gain Instagram Followers

This is a super easy but highly effective step you may take towards growing your Instagram page. Surveys, Research, and My own observations have already shown that this as an effective action to gain Instagram followers. You’ll get to see the results within a couple of hours.

There is a strategy to get the most out of this technique to gain followers on Instagram. Don’t start to like other photos/videos from random people, or just by scrolling the page. Pick up the people of your space. In simple terms we can say, look for the people that are interested in what you have or what you’re providing.

To find such people or brands just visit some of your competitor profiles. Check out their page followers. In the competitor’s page following list, you’ll have a targeted audience that has interest in your space (sometimes niche).

Open your competitor’s followers list from their profile, and hit like to their at least 5 posts at a time. Doing so will help you to grasp their attention towards you. Since you’re providing what do they like, they are most likely to visit your page and more likely to follow you.

Secondly, you can find the people by following the relevant hashtags. Following relevant hashtags will show you the posts from the people who’re using the same hashtag(s) you’re following. This means a person of your interest, liking their post will be helpful here as well.

Please note don’t like too much of posts at a time, since Instagram can consider you as spam so liking 30-50 posts an hour is a good practice.

6. Choose a specific theme for your page

No doubt! Every famous brand keeps the same or similar theme most of the time. To get a glimpse, you can look at Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, and even Instagram. They all have the same/similar colors in their theme.

There is a reason behind it, most of you maybe already know. Let me share with you my point of view on this, we people have a tendency to remember brands by their name, their logo, and so by their theme. Like we everybody knows the colors of Facebook are white and a kind of blue shade. Does it make sense?

So, choose some good theme that suits you or your brand, then stick to that theme. LinkedIn has a good theme, you can get an idea from Studio DIY, Wonderforest, and Jessica Safko! They all have good taste!

Create a catchy and relevant bio, that says most about you or your business. Select the best DP (Display Profile), and give a touch of your business and your interests in your posts and stories. Also, don’t forget to make your most popular posts as highlights.

Pro tip: Write relevant and quality captions with your posts. (There is a different section explaining about post uploading).

7. Be Social – Interact with Other

Social Media Marketing - Instagram Marketing

Being social is an important aspect to grow your brand or business. There are a number of ways you may get socialize. Doing comments, person-to-person conversation, responding to comments on your posts, etc. are the possible ways to get socialized.

Remember when you comment on other’s post, make sure it’s not spammy. Instead of writing ‘Very Nice’, ‘Cute’, Nice photo’, etc. try to be genuine and leave comments only after watching the post.

Genuine comments are comparatively longer. Asking a question in the comments is a good practice. You might encourage others by writing relevant comments to their posts. This is a good way to start a conversation and introducing yourself to the person.

Secondly, it comes about person-to-person chat, this is the most effective way to generate leads and grow your sales and build awareness in your space. This is also helpful to know about your competition and what actually people need.

Simply ask people about their interests, their needs, etc. If you’re smart enough then you can get most out of becoming social. Don’t forget to respond to the comments on your posts as well, as mentioned don’t just say ‘thanks’, ‘thank you’, instead ask questions.

Along with ‘Thank You!’ you can write ‘How did you reach to us?…’ or something else depending on the post type or comment type.

Pro tip: Share other people’s content that is widely popular, on your page or social media.

8. Create your own hashtags and ask others to use it too

How to gain Followers on Instagram

Like I have a page on Instagram with username ‘TermInternet’, so I have created my own hashtag #TermInternet. Creating your own hashtag helps you to build your community. Users who will follow your hashtag will get to your posts and uploads regularly.

While creating your hashtag(s), make sure it is not already available or no one else is using it already. Hashtags also help in ranking and driving traffic to one’s site. My own hashtag ‘TermInternet’ from Twitter appears on the first page (Sometimes second) on Google SERP.

In the case of Instagram, when you’ll use hashtags, your post reaches a more relevant audience. Hence, you’re likely to get more followers on the Instagram page. Use specific tags for a specific purpose.

If you’ve created a hashtag and other people start to use the same hashtag(s), they’re helping you to generate your content.

9. Ask people to promote your page

Promote Instagram Page

When some people show interest in you, ask them to repost your page/post. You can ask them to use your page as their Instagram stories it’ll help your page to grow rapidly. If in case they said no to repost and not to use your page as their story, offer them you’ll also use their page in your story.

In simple terms, you may call it shout for shout! Other people will help you to gain followers and in return, you have to help them back. This way you can collaborate with other Instagrammers in your space.

You can also run contests like giving free services or products to someone who will share your post, this way you would get skyrocket followers and engagement on your content.

10. Use stories on your Instagram Page

How to grow Instagram Business Page

Most of people believe that using Instagram stories is not that effective. But I disagree! I personally use to watch stories instead of scrolling down the endless feeds. In a similar way, many other people watch Instagram stories.

Instagram has over 400 million daily active users. You can take advantage of this by sharing stories on your page. Use creative and good stories, like the best part of your day, any event, or something out of your profession, etc. People love to know about someone’s personal life and something out of being professional.

To mention a few, stories with questions, GIF images, music, etc. tends to gain more followers to you. If using filters and Boomerangs make your stories interesting, then it’s good to play with them. So, start using stories today and get yourself connected to your followers deeply.

Pro Tip: It might sound you crazy, but sharing stories 9 times a day drive the best results.

11. Appeal your followers to gain more followers

There are some people who don’t take any action until you ask them. So, always ask your followers to share your quote, hit like, do comments, and so on. You may also ask your followers to tag your friends.

As mentioned, asking questions is really a good way to get more engagement. If they respond to you, act accordingly. If they do a favor for you, be thankful to them and if they don’t then no issue said them like “No problem, either way, keep up the good work!…”

12. Use Geotags in your Instagram posts

Posting on Instagram using geolocation is quite useful to reach to the audience. Let’s say you used a geotag ‘India’, then your post will reach to some other person using the same geotag. You can use any geotag with your posts like you can use geotag ‘Taj Mahal’, ‘Any restaurant’, and much more.

13. Share more what your audience likes most

How to grow Instagram Business Page

While you’re sharing posts, you need to observe, you need to perform a little research. When you’re done posting on Instagram, make sure to go back and observe your posts, check insights of your posts.

Try to figure out which posts are getting most likes or comments, then try to find out the reasons why that particular post(s) are performing better than the rest of the posts.

The deciding factors are the time you published, the post design, the content within the photo, hashtags you used, people you tagged in the post, and there might be more other reasons as well. Then perform your calculations before going ahead.

It’s not just counting which post is performing better, but also look for the posts that least performed. Try either to improve or not to post the same or similar photos/Videos.

Pro tip: Studies suggest, sharing your Instagram’s page content on other social media like Facebook, Tumblr, twitter, etc. receive more engagement than natively published images.

14. Link other social media accounts to Instagram Account

Probably you might have other social accounts like Facebook account, Twitter account, LinkedIn account, or you may also have a blog. Just do two things, first link your other social accounts on your Instagram profile page. And share your Instagram page/posts link on your other social media accounts using suitable captions.

15. Approach famous users to ask them to share your page

Instagram Marketing Hacks

Let me be honest at this point, this is a demotivating step initially because when you’ll approach famous Instagrammers for sharing your page or to use their Instagram page as a guest contributor, they’re less likely to agree with you regarding your page promotion.

But if somehow you’d be able to convince any famous Instagrammers for your page promotion, then your Instagram followers will boom! It’ll help you to get Instagram followers dramatically. Don’t get demotivated, keep on trying.  Being creative enough to collaborate with other famous users.

Creative in sense, you can ask them to tag you in their posts and in return, you may offer your service or product free to them. You can offer some promo codes and discounts to them. This helps you to reach to more audiences without having a huge fan base.

16. Advertise on Instagram

This is an optional step, you can run ads of different formats on Instagram. There are a number of options available with you to run the ad. You opt to target a specific audience. You can run an ad of your type, this will help you to get publicity so quickly.

Final words to conclude

Instagram is a great platform for marketers. It not only helps to grow your business and brand awareness but also generates leads and increase your sales of products or services dramatically. But, there is an issue in order to be a successful marketer, you need a huge fan base.

For that, you need a strategy and a proper plan to execute, so that you can grow your Instagram page. Just because making a business page and updating your profile and simply posting on it is not enough.

It is equally important to post creative content on a regular basis using hashtags and geotag. Mentioning relevant people is quite useful. Interacting with others helps to increase your sales. Collaboration, runnings ads, and contests are equally effective.

Sometimes it might be possible that you start to see the results quickly, it may take time, but all you have to focus on quality and consistency. Keep up the good work and follow all the tips I’ve mentioned above in this blog post.

If you still have any queries, feel free to ask. I’d be happy to answer you and happier to hear from you, happiest if you’ll leave feedback. Thanks! If you like this post please share it and do let me know as well.

There are other more tips and tactics that need to mention to gain followers on the Instagram page, that I’ll share in some other post shortly.

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