How to Earn Money Online from Home via URL shortening method

How to Earn Money Online from Home [Transcription Jobs]

Earn Money Online from Transcription Jobs

Who does not want to earn money online from home? Probably, if possible, anyone would like to earn money online by sitting on a chair at home. Earning money online is not hard at all. All you need to have some skill or quality and a genuine platform along with proper guidance. To make you avail of all these, I’m here.

In this blog post, I’ve brought a genuine and 100% working method to earn money online from home. But you must have a good level of English to earn with this method. You have to be a transcriptionist, which means you have to convert audio or video files in text or you have to add subtle in the video, something like that kind of job it is. To do this job you need to qualify a test first.

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I’ll also tell you that how can you qualify the test easily and earn money online from home through transcription jobs. Without having a detailed discussion here, let’s have a look at the step-by-step guide at how to earn money online from Home?

Step 1: Visit the website

how to earn money online from home- transcription jobs

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, you have to click on the link ‘Work’ here. See the image to clear that where you’ll find this hyperlink.

How to earn money online from home - transcription jobs

Here clicking on hyperlink ‘work’ will jump you to a new webpage. From here you have to apply for the transcription job.

Step 3: You must have an ‘APPLY NOW’ button on this page, click on it.

How to earn money online from home via transcription jobs

Step 4: When you’ll click on the ‘Apply Now’ button, a new screen will appear which will ask you to login or Sign Up. If you’re a new user go with the Sign-Up option or if you’ve already Sign Up on this site, go with the login option.

How to Earn Money Online from Home via Transcription Jobs

Step 5: If you’ve Sign Up, now it turns to give the test. There will be two different tests first is MCQ type test and the other is a transcription test. (If after signing up you jump to some other webpage, just follow the above steps again to get to the test page).

Step 6: The first test will be something like this, that you’ll have a question then 3/4/5 options just below the question in which you should check the correct answer. This test can be given as many times as you want until you do it correctly. Her you have to score 100% to go ahead to the second test.

How to Earn Money Online from Home via Transcription Jobs

The answers to all these questions can be found within the guidelines of the transcription jobs. Click here to check.

Step 7: When you’ll complete the test click on the ‘Confirm’ button. If the answers you give for all the questions are correct, it’ll jump you to the next test. Else, you can try again.

How to Earn Money Online from Home via Transcription Jobs

Step 8: Hereafter passing the first test, you have to attempt the second test where you have to transcript audio that is given to you. You have to listen to it carefully and type what you’re listening in the audio without any mistake and by taking care of guidelines. I’ll recommend you to perform some old tests first from here. When you’re done with transcription, click on the ‘Send it for review’ button.

But, read the blog post completely to qualify the transcription test easily. Below I’ve mentioned a tip to qualify the transcription test for any website. This test is a little bit harder, so here I’m going to give you a tip to clear the test easily. Let’s see-

How to pass the transcription test for Online Jobs – The master trick for every website

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to pass any transcription test.

Step 1: Open the link or click here. When you’ll scroll down a little bit down, you will have a similar screen.

How to Pass the Transcribe test - pass test for transcription jobs

Step 2: What you have to do here is to upload the audio file or record the audio file that you want to the transcript.

If you’re going to upload the audio file you must have that audio file in your computer memory, so you need to download or record the audio file on your computer. To download the audio file, click on the download button from the menu that lies in just side of audio. (see the image for reference).

How to Pass the Transcription test

If you’re going with the option ‘record audio file’ you just have to simply play the audio at a silent place where there is no or less noise. I’ll recommend you to go with the ‘upload file’ option.

Step 3: Now, as soon as you’ll upload the file it’ll start the transcription of the audio, wait for complete the transcription.

Step 4: Transcription is now completed, just copy all the text from here and paste it on the box on the website where you have to type the audio to text.

How to Earn Money Online from Home via Transcription Jobs

Step 5: Check the text manually now by playing and repeating the audio file, if there is any mistake just correct it by taking care of guidelines. And submit your test after you’re done re-checking your test.

That’s it… Wait for the result now. Best of luck from my side.

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If you have some other and genuine way of earning money, please do share with me. Thanks!

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