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I don’t know where to start writing, what to say at first. But this page contains more of my personal life and my experiences

Make time to walk through this page, I’m sure you’ll get to know about a dimension of life that you may or may not know already. If you’re ready, you will have some lessons as well. 

This page might go lengthier because at first, I’m going to tell you my story of the past few years, then my observation with my frame of reference, and why I’m asking you to donate, and a lot more. Keep reading…

Let’s start from the point where I start to realize what is life and how should I live it. Life (for me) was not something that I have been taught from the very birth, life was not something that I used to think it is. 

Image - Turning point in life

As I belong to a lower moderate family, I was told some simple things like, study well and score high marks then take admission is some reputed college and get a job, yeah! that’s it. I also believe the same because it’s what my family knows at that time and passed the same to me.

What most of the families think for their children is to secure their future. This is why they won’t tell you about the ways that may contain risks. 

From the very starting, we’re taught what to do and not how to do? They want us to follow a path that is secure and has stability in the future. Parents (sometimes guardians) usually don’t let you follow a path that has a risk. The same was for my family. 

Why take risks?

Back in 2016, I was pursuing senior secondary. It was the year that changed the way I used to think about my life and career. 

My father got a road accident in early 2016. To my fortune, they are present between us, but not capable of doing some work to earn a living. At that time, I was 16. 

Cycle road accident

The accident brought a lot of things to me along with responsibilities. All the savings disappeared within a few months. Now we needed more money because along with me, my brother & sister’s academics were going on. 

The weird fact is, to get a good education, you need to have a lot of money. It’s very rare to get a good education without money here (won’t mention the region or country here)

Education and money

There were multiple expenses like household expenses, kitchen expenses, academics, and so on. Then I and my brother and my mother started working to earn and make a living. I was so tensed!

Stress because of lack of money

Because Mom is not educated so she started working as a maid in a city-based school, for that Mom was getting around 50 USD. 

Maid mom working illustration

I started teaching children and for the rest of the time, I used to join my brother ironing the clothes in a clothes manufacturing factory. In total, we used to earn ~ 150 USD. Still, this amount was less to live a very basic life. The reasons we’re not earning enough are:

  • Teenagers are not allowed to do a job (I was 16, it was illegal to do a job until you complete 18 in our country)
  • Fewer opportunities because we are living in a semi-rural locality
  • I was not skilled and not educated enough to get a well-paying job
  • Brother was not also skilled and pursuing the senior secondary too.

an so on.

Men ironing the clothes - close up image

All these things affected our life and academics so hard that we just passed out somehow with marks lower than average student scores. 

I borrowed a bulk amount to deposit my school fee and sometimes to fulfill the requirements of household needs. My father’s treatment was also under process.

Paying for education

Anyhow, we dragged two years like this and it was 2018. Meanwhile, I had switched to many jobs including a bank job, helper in a shop, etc. One thing that I didn’t comprise with was, I never let my learnings fall.

Boy sitting with a paper

I kept on learning new things and tried to improve my English from here and there. I was unable to learn things dedicatedly, situations were that worse. I learned a few things on the computer and tried to seek a computer-related job. 

Guy learning the things dedicatedly

Here is an amazing fact from my life, I was the first who get to know about computer science in my family and also from my locality. People don’t even understand what do I do today or I feel it hard to explain them in my locality.

I also get to know about computer science from some external sources. Sometimes, I feel like, I was late when I get to know about what can be done with a computer and the internet. 

In 2017, when I was about to complete my senior secondary, I was having a Math’s tuition. Our Math’s teacher was Mr. Rohit Solanki (YouTube creator at CBSE Class Videos), he proved to be my Guru (Coach). Mr. Rohit Solanki helped me to realize my destiny, he holds my back every time I was about to and make a mistake. 

I stayed in touch with him even after my exams and he kept on telling me about the power of computers and the internet and the hidden opportunities. 

Meanwhile, my aunt, Mrs. Kiran showed me a video on her smartphone talking about the book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad‘. The video and a short conversation with my aunt helped me to figure out my inner blessings, the definite dream that I have to pursue. Dream for what I was on this planet.


And at that point, the dream bornt within me was ‘I will serve as many people as I can till my last breath‘. It was that definite that even today I’m pursuing it and will continue to pursue till my last breathe. 

The problem that was standing before me, I had an objective but not a vision or path. A question was keep on tossing into my mind, and the question was:

“I want to serve as many people as I can, how can I serve anyone with an empty bowl?” 

Empty bowl

The question should be considered, and I did. Now, I had to fill my bowl first so that I can serve further. 

Then I linked my dream to the hidden opportunities told to me by my coach. I decided to fill my bowl by making myself skilled in the space of computer science. But,

There was another problem standing before me, I was not having any tools to take the next move, I was not having a laptop or mobile and internet. How to take the next step?

Exhausted me

These two problems were enough for most of the people to give up. But,

I continued to work what I was doing, like doing physical jobs here and there and to fulfill the requirements of my family.

Gradually, the year 2017 and almost half of 2018 passed away. 

Time flying

In this period between 2017 and 2018, I met a person Mr. Piyush Aggarwal – Author at (Mr. Rohit Solanki introduced me) who proved to be the person that held my other hand. He supported me a lot from every dimension, be it guidance, financial needs, career, etc. From Mr. Piyush Aggarwal, I learned to believe in simplicity and how to consider life. 

He played a very important role in my life, he helped me to buy a laptop and other required tools. He removed all the blockers I’m facing at that time. Now, I was able to pursue my dream which I almost have forgotten in the daily laborious schedule. 

As a famous proverb goes on, 

“When you truly want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

Quotation from Paulo Coelho

I have read these lines for the first time in one of my favorite books, ‘The Alchemist from Paulo Coelho‘. 

This seems to be true in my life, I personally feel so. I was just determined about my dream and the rest of the things fall into the place itself. 

The help that I have received from Mr. Piyush Aggarwal made me even more determined towards my dream. Now, I’m having a burning desire to pursue my dream.

As he helped me, it’s now my responsibility to help someone needy and I’ve helped several people to date, be it orally, financially, or other ways.

Don’t let these helping hands break down. If you have received help in your need, then help others too in their need. If you have not received then initiate this chain from yourself. Keep this chain goes on and on, this is how you can spread humanity which is exhausting these days.

Helping hands

I have a lot more to say, but your time is precious, so I won’t take much of your time. 

Coming back to the question? Why should you donate?

Like me, you can’t reach everyone who is in need. Agree?

I also donate others so that my hard earnings can reach to the right people, because If I’ll start to find people who are in need, then when I’ll earn. My bowl will get empty very soon again. We have to make a network if you’ll donate we can help people to whom we can reach. 

A few months back, I spent 280 USD to help some needy people near me. Like they are lying on the footpath with a thin mattress and it was too cold. I offered them a foldable small bed along with a blanket.

Donate blanket

Distributing foodstuff among needy people is quite common to me, I use to offer food to the needy people in and near my locality. 

Helping people with food

To be honest, I’m not having a six-figure business, I’m just a web content writer and earn an amount that can fulfill my family needs and a few needy people. This is why I need more helping hands

Your donation can make a huge difference. Students/Children who have a potential but not having tools/education (because of XYZ reasons) can contribute to the innovation of this world, I want to help such students and children as well.

Poor children

If you feel like donating now, please donate and help people. Donate as much as you can afford. Thanks 🙂

If you are based on India, you can also donate us using Paytm. My Paytm number is +91 8439 303783 or you can scan the code below:

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