how to create a free blog and earn money online via Blogspot (blogger)

Make Money With Blogspot: Create a Free Blog and Earn Money Online

These days, many people want to earn money online from home, especially when it comes to passive income. The only easiest way most people find is to create a blog and make money with Blogspot with several methods like monetizing the site, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and so on.

No doubt! Blogging is a great way of earning money online. I’m personally earning a decent amount of money from blogging for the last few years. I’m sure that you can also make money online with a blog, that too with zero investment.

It doesn’t matter what you do, but if you have free time and you want to make most out of your free time, I would personally recommend you to start a blog and add some passive income in your earnings. All you need to follow some simple instructions that will help you to earn more in less time.

Blogging will not only help you to add-on your income but also boost your online presence which is helpful from all dimensions. So, if you’re seeking for a complete and step-by-step guide on “How to create a FREE blog and earn money online via Blogspot (”. Then you’ve landed at the right place.

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Why Blog on Blogger to Make Money Online?

Why Blog on Blogger? Well, the answer is simple – It’s FREE and easy to set up and use. You can earn money with AdSense if you have your blog on So, if you’re a newbie then, I would strongly recommend you to start with a FREE blog on blogger because blogger is Google’s associated program.

This blog post is the ultimate answer to all the questions you might have in your mind. Here, I’ll cover How can you create a free blog and start making money with Google AdSense with this Free blog. At the end of this blog post, I’ll also mention the most FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) related to the topic. So let’s get started-

How to Create a Free Blog on Blogspot to Make Money with Blogspot

It is easy to create a FREE blog on Blogspot. I’m going to mention some simple steps right from scratch, that you need to follow accordingly to start a FREE blog using, a blogging platform.

Step 1: Signup with Blogger

Visit the site –

How to create a free blog and earn money online on blogspot (bloggger)

On the homepage of the screen, click on the ‘Create New Blog‘ button. It’ll make you jump to the next screen.

This next screen will ask you to Sign In to continue with Blogger. If you have already a Gmail account then fill in the login credential (username and password) here, and go ahead by clicking on ‘Next’ or ‘Sign In’ button.

How to create a free blog and earn money online on blogspot (blogger)

If you do not have a Gmail account, then you can create the same from here. You’re provided a link with the text ‘Create account‘. You can use this link to create a Gmail account, which is easy to create.

Step 2: Create and Set up your Blog

Now, when you’re done with logging in to Blogger. You’ll have a welcome screen, here you’ll have a ‘CREATE NEW BLOG‘ button, Click on it.

How to create a free blog and earn money online on blogspot (blogger)

Now a pop-up screen will appear which will ask you for Title & Address. From this screen, you also have to choose a template for your blog, that you can change later (if required). Make sure you know what your blog is? Pick a specific niche and start with a specific topic that you’re interested in. Be focused.

How to create a free blog and earn money online from blogspot (blogger)

In the title box, enter the name for your blog. The Title is the word or phrase that in general appears on the header section of the blog. The title is generally considered as the main heading of the blog. It also appears as the headline of your blog on the web browsers tab.

In the address box, type in the desired domain name (use a short domain name), if the entered domain name is already taken, you’ll get a notification just below or near the address box. In such a case, type another similar domain name. The address is the web address for your blog by which the public finds you. The general syntax of the web address –

Pro Tip: Use a unique, catchy, and short domain name.

Now, when you’ve entered Title and Address for your blog, it’s time to choose a template. You have a number of templates available here, go and explore each of them, choose wisely depending on your blog type, that suits you most. You may change and customize your blog template later.

After choosing the blog template, double-check the address and title and click on the ‘Create Blog‘ button. Then, it might ask you for ‘Find a domain name for your blog’, click on ‘No thanks’ here for now. You can set up a custom domain with your blog later (if you wish so).

All set! You’re done with creating a free blog on BlogSpot within a couple of minutes. Congratulations! You’re a Blogger now. The best thing is that as soon as you’ll finish creating your blog, it’ll be live, you can check by entering the web address in the URL box of the web browser.

You can start customizing your blog and set it up accordingly.

Now, let’s walk through the next steps from here.

Step 3: Create your first blog post

After you successfully created your free blog, you should be on the dashboard screen, which looks like this.

How to create a free blog and earn money online from blogspot (blogger)

I’m going to list here that what this blog dashboard offers to you, you can-

  • Create, edit, delete or publish a post or page (about us, contact us, privacy policy, etc.)
  • Look at blog statistics (views and visitors to your blog)
  • Check and reply the comment(s) on blog posts
  • Configure the AdSense and look at your earning details
  • Add gadgets in your blog headers, sidebars, and footer.
  • Select and change the template of your blog
  • Personalize your blog settings like Title, Description, Custom Domain Name, Privacy, Add authors, Visitors, Search engine visibility, etc. and much more.

Now come back to the topic and let’s see-

How to create a blog post on Blogspot to make money with Blogspot

To create a new post, click on the ‘New Post‘ button or ‘create a new post‘ link, available on this dashboard screen (look at the above image for reference).

A new screen will appear, where you have to create a blog post. Enter a title wisely for your blog post and start writing content on a certain topic in the required field. You’ll find some pro tips below on this page to write a blog post effectively.

How to create a free blog and earn money online on blogspot (blogger)

The above image is basically the post editor of your blog, where you write the blog post(s), edit them, and publish your post(s). The entire section below the title section is for writing content. You can use HTML editor if you are an advanced user or just go with the visual editor (compose) option if you’re a newbie.

When you’re done with writing your blog post, it’s time to publish your blog post, so that it can be indexed by search engines. It’ll make your blog post available to other people, they can find your blog post through search engines. To publish the blog post, click on ‘Publish‘ Button, available on the top right section of the blog post editor screen.

Step 4: Sign Up for Google AdSense and Associate it with your Blog

Now, when you have successfully created your free blog and you know how to write a blog post, go and create more blog posts. Remember to follow pro tips while creating a blog post, as it’ll help you to engage more visitors to your blog and rank you.

How to create a free blog and earn money online from blogspot (blogger)

When you start to get around 300-400 unique visitors a day to your blog, you can apply for Google AdSense so that you can earn money from your blog.

Note: Please don’t apply for Google AdSense if you have fewer visitors else it’ll be hard for you to get approval for your AdSense account.

How to Make Money with Blogspot using AdSense

In this section, I’m going to tell you, how you’ll actually earn from the FREE blog that you have recently created by following the steps mentioned above. So, go through the given instructions carefully to earn money with a free blog.

Many people (especially newbie) have a question, how could I earn with a Blog? Well, the answer to this question might go long. So, I’m just going to give an idea to you here, rest you’ll get to know with your own experience and when you’ll walk through the other blog posts.

Have you ever seen the Ads in between the articles? If yes! then great. If no! then check out the image below.

How to create a free blog and earn money online from blogspot (blogger)

The image is the screenshot of an article, and it contains two ads (as indicated). Basically, these ads are the source of earning. Few programs like AdSense from Google and WordAds from WordPress show Ads on your blog and in return they pay you for showing Ads on your blog.

Although, there are several other ways to earn with a blog, Apart from Google AdSense and WordAds there are many other ways to monetize your site.

Note: If you have created a FREE blog on BlogSpot ( then You can monetize your site with Google AdSense only. If there are some terms that you are not familiar with, there is no issue with this. You just keep on reading the article and follow the instructions.

When your blog will qualify for Google AdSense, you can simply apply for it. Associate your blog with Google AdSense and start making real money. But, there are some requirements that you must check out before you apply for Google AdSense, these are Google AdSense requirements and program policies.

If you fulfill all the requirements for Google AdSense and aware of Google AdSense policies, let’s go ahead. Now, it’s time to associate Google AdSense with Blogger.

How to connect Google AdSense with BlogSpot ( Blog)

Here I’m going to mention some simple steps that you need to follow to Sign up for Google AdSense and then Connect your BlogSpot Blog with Google AdSense-

Step 1: On the Dashboard section of your blog, go to the ‘Earnings’ section.

How to create a free blog and earn money online on blogspot

Step 2: In the earnings section, you should have a ‘Sign up for AdSense‘ button. Click on it. It’ll jump you to another screen where you have to create a Google AdSense account.

If you do not have a ‘Sign up for AdSense‘ button in the earnings section, then probably you might have a message that says “Your blog doesn’t currently qualify for AdSense.” which means either you have to wait to complete the 6 months of your blog or you do not have enough visitors.

Step 3: Assuming that you have qualified for AdSense, and you’re on the new screen from where you have to create a Google AdSense account.

How to create a free blog on blogspot and earn money online

So, let’s move ahead with-

Creating an AdSense Account with Blogger

To create a new AdSense account, click on the ‘Create Account‘ button. After clicking on the button, you’ll need to fill in personal details, address details, and payment details accordingly in order to complete your registration.

You have to fill in all the required details carefully since it’s about payment and I believe that you will never want to face any trouble in your payments. Now, once you’re done with creating AdSense account, now you have to connect AdSense with BlogSpot ( so that it could show ads on your blog and you start to earn money.

Step 4: Now, the next step is to set up AdSense ads on your blog (in between the articles or sidebars or footers or header or somewhere else). For that, you have to go to the ‘Layout’ Section from the Blog dashboard screen. In the layout section, find ‘Add a gadget‘ option (usually located under sidebar or Footer or main menu option). Click on ‘Add a Gadget’ link in the section where you want to put ads.

How to create a free blog and start making money online thorugh blogspot (blogger)

When you’ll click on ‘Add a Gadget’ link, a pop-up screen will appear, here select the option ‘AdSense‘ and add it to your existing gadgets. That’s how you can connect blogger account with Google AdSense.

How to earn money with a free blog on blogspot (blogger)

There are other ways too, to put ads on your blog or to connect AdSense with your BlogSpot blog. One is to connect your blog with AdSense at the time of Sign Up with AdSense. The other is to make use of Ad units on Google AdSense and add HTML/Javascript Gadgets on your blogs in the Layout Section.

You can earn thousands of dollars per month depending on the efforts you make towards your blog. I’ve seen various people making decent money from Google AdSense with a FREE blog on BlogSpot.

To mention a few, you can check the, as far as I know, this site was making around 1200+ dollars per month. Another example is, making thousands of dollars per month. There is an inexhaustible list of such blogs.

You can also earn much more, all you need is consistency and a strategy.

What After You’re Done with ‘Create a Free Blog on Blogspot (’

No doubt! Content is King. But there are tons of factors that affect ranking and engaging more visitors to your blog. So, here are some key points that you need to consider after creating your free blog on BlogSpot.

Create a Search Engine-Friendly Content – SEO Tips for Blog Posts

If you wish for fruitful results from your blog, then you have to generate more income from AdSense. More income could be generated by more visitors in organic ways. The more organic traffic you have on your blog, the more clicks you’ll get that will result in generating more income from AdSense.

There was a time when it was really easy to rank #1 on Google, but it’s really hard today, yet possible. You have to learn some effective SEO techniques to get better results. After learning SEO strategies, start implementing them that is going to help you to boost traffic from search engines.

Suggested Reading that can help you to grow your traffic: Backlink: The Ultimate [Tip-to-Toe] Guide about Backlinks on the Internet

If you’re a newbie and less know about SEO, then I will recommend you to focus on creating quality content that must be Search engine friendly. I’m going to mention some points that will help you to create SEO friendly blog posts and increase organic traffic to your Blogspot blog.

Also Read: SEO: All You Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization [Ultimate Guide]

Create more internal links – While writing a new blog post, make sure to link previous posts. That will help to increase search Crawlability and hence result in more visibility of your blog to search engines.

Keep blog post title short – Practice to write short titles for your blog posts. Title with 70 characters found to be most effective. Since blog title beyond 70 characters does not appear in search results, so make sure to use a short, effective, and catchy title.

Focus more on readers and less on search engines – Write content that is easily readable, don’t write irritating content. Don’t use a single keyword again and again because it has two disadvantages. First, it may lead the user to feel irritated while reading the blog post. Second, your blog might get penalized by doing so in the case of keyword stuffing.

Use optimized content – Google gives priority to those blogs which load faster. Blog’s speed matter a lot, so use optimized content in your blog posts. Don’t use elements that are large in size. Make sure your blog post or page is mobile responsive.

Some Pro SEO Tips for Blogs on Blogspot

Now when you know a little about writing blog posts, let’s explore some more effective SEO strategies. I assure you that these strategies are going to boost your organic traffic.

Focus on On-Page SEO: You need to consider On-page SEO in order to get effective results. Make sure you’re doing proper on-page SEO. The factors affect on-page SEO are-

  • Primary keywords in title tag, image alt tag – Make sure to include a primary keyword in your blog title, image alt tag.
  • Internal Links – Better to include more internal links to your blog post.
  • Headings and Subheadings such as h2, h3, h4,… in the body content – Use h2, h3, headings accordingly in your blog post.
  • Meta Description and its length – Keep meta description of about 160 characters, that must be attention grasping.
  • Slug length – Keep slug length short.
  • Blog post length (words count in an article) – Minimum 2000 words blog post performs better.
  • Primary Keyword’s length and density – Long-tail keywords are less competitive and hence easy to rank, and the density of primary keyword must be between 0.5% to 2.5%.

Plan and find Keywords before writing: Before you write, always perform keyword research with tools like Ubersuggest. It’ll tell you the volume of the keyword, keyword difficulty, overview of a keyword. So you can find out the best keyword(s) for your niche that can perform better in search engine results.

keyword planner - ubersuggest - easy to rank keyword - keyword overview

Generally, what happens? Short tail keywords like ‘Blog’, ‘FREE blog’, ‘Earn Money’, etc. are competitive and it’s hard to rank these types of keywords. So, make sure to use long-tail keywords that can help you to rank, as long-tail keywords are basically less competitive. Long-tail keywords are – “How to create a FREE blog’, How to create Blog on Blogger’, ‘How to create a free blog and earn money’, etc.

Get high-quality backlinks: Google gives priority to those blog posts that have more number of backlinks. So, if you have more backlinks, you’re likely to engage more organic traffic to your blog.

To generate high-quality backlinks, use effective and creative strategies like Skyscraper technique, link building, etc. It might be hard for you to effectively use these strategies as a newbie. But at least give a try to these strategies.

If you’re good at writing, then you should write relevant guest posts for others to generate a natural high-quality backlink.

Avoid copy-pasting: Most of the blog beginners use to start writing content that they either copied from another blog(s) or their content match with some other blog posts. This type of content is considered as duplicate content, but Google is so clever, Google gets to know if you’re using duplicate content.

If Google finds you’re using duplicate content, it may penalize you. In some cases, Google deletes some accounts doing copy-pasting of content. Avoid wrongdoing and perform your own research. Come up with a great, unique, and informative content.

Optimize images for search engines: Have you ever heard the word “A picture is worth of thousand words.” These words are so true. I’ve personally experienced this. When I was a beginner, I use to write blogs that were creepy (lol). My blogs, just with headings and simple text, no images, no highlighting, no italic text, nothing. Really when I look at them now, I find them so boring and uninteresting.

How can one go to read your post, if it is not interesting? Images make a blog post interesting. The amazing thing is that images do not only make your content more meaningful but also helps in ranking and driving traffic to your blog. So, use appealing and relevant images in your content that in return will drive traffic to your blog.

Now here are something that you need to remember while using the image(s). Only use images that are not copyrighted, for that you have to take care not to pick up random images from the ‘Google image search’ result. It might affect your AdSense approval.

Make sure to optimize your image before you use it in between the content. For that use a clear image but it must be small in size, use proper dimension for the image.

Here are some sources from where you can use images freely, or you can design your own-


Give priority for AdSense Approval

You have learned to produce great content now, it’s time to think for earnings. For earnings, you have to focus on AdSense approval. Obviously, you started your free blog on Blogspot to earn some passive income, as most of the bloggers do.

Without wasting time now, look for Google AdSense approval. If you have already completed your 4-6 months on Blogspot, then I’ll recommend you to sign up for AdSense. Generally, by that time, you’d be able to engage enough visitors to get a good amount from AdSense.

On an average, if you are publishing at least 20 posts a month from the first day of your blog, then within 5 months you must have 100 articles on your blog, and if all your articles are well optimized and search engine friendly, then you should have at least 500 visitors a day on your blog. And this is a good number to start your journey.

Increase Your Earnings from Google AdSense

Now, when you’re already earning a little amount from your Free blog on Blogspot, I believe you wish to increase your AdSense Earnings now. To increase your earnings from Blogspot, you have to explore some working ways to increase traffic to your blog and hence your AdSense earnings.

Although it might be hard for you, one thing I’ll recommend to you, that is super easy, being consistent and create more content. And gradually, you’ll learn on your own that how can you increase your AdSense earnings with a FREE blog on Blogspot ( Read more articles related to Google AdSense that tells about increasing Google AdSense Earning.

Final Words to Conclude

My own opinion with a FREE blog on Blogspot is that it is the best way to start your journey with a blog. Since you do not need to invest a single penny for it, it’s completely free. It’s really easy-to-use, you do not need a bunch of skillsets to start your blog, just some simple steps to follow. I also started my journey with the Blogspot account with web address ‘’.

This will not only help you to make passive income but also you’d be able to gain blogging experience. You’d be able to know and understand technical terms, frequently used in blogging like SEO, plugins, customization, themes, etc.

When you feel that now you know enough to step forward, then you can go with WordPress. With WordPress, you can explore many other ways to increase your earnings with several other popular methods used by other professional and experienced bloggers.

I’ve tried my best to cover all the queries that you may have on creating a free blog on Blogspot. I hope this post will help you to start your blog easily and also to earn money with that. If you feel this post is useful, please do share this post, so other people can also take advantage of this. “Sharing is Caring”.

Do let me know, what do you think? in the comments section, and feel free to ask if you have any questions. I’ll be glad to help you.

I’m going to list some frequently asked question below, walk through them and everything will be crystal clear to you-

FAQs on ‘How to Create a FREE blog and Earn Money Online on Blogspot’

Can Google AdSense be used on free Blogspot blogs?

Yes! The most common mean of earning money from Blogspot blogs is via Google AdSense. You can monetize your site through AdSense.

Do I need to pay anything to start my Blog on Blogspot?

No! You’re not required to pay a single penny to create a free blog on Blogspot. All you need is follow above mention steps to create your own blog on Blogspot and Start making money.

How to make my blog look appealing?

Simple! Choose a good template from available templates for your blog and customize your blog in a way that it looks good. Follow KISS – ‘Keep It Simple and Silly’. My personal recommendation, use English colors and keep background light and content dark so that it’s distinguishable.

Be unique, and if you bear to face efforts, then you can create a stunning blog on Blogspot. Arrange content properly, and write content that is easy to read, make sure readers don’t feel like boring.

How to get more exposure to my Blogspot blog?

Blogspot blog’s exposure is a considerable factor as it may break or build your reputation. Focus to increase your blog’s exposure. To drive more traffic to your blog, like, share and comment on other high authority blogs in your niche. Follow famous bloggers on social media like Facebook and Twitter, share their posts and articles and try to contact them. Also, try to get more followers on social media, make your presence there.

What is the difference between a free Blogspot blog and WordPress blog?

Both the blogging platforms and offer to create a free blog with their domain name extension. But they have different features that I’m going to list here with some major differences between free Blogspot blog and blog.


  • Your site is not your completely, you just rent it from Blogger.
  • You can’t make any desired changes in the Blogspot blog.
  • Blogger itself manage and control blogs on Blogspot, which means you do not need to worry about the domain and hosting, and other security.
  • Setting up a blog is easy and instant.
  • There is limited themes and limited SEO related stuff.


  • You are the owner of the website and customize your site fully.
  • You’re also required to manage your site’s security and everything else.
  • Easy to customize.

How to name my blog?

Here are three simple steps that are going to help you choose a unique and catchy name for your blog that will be relevant and easy to remember.

Think about what your blog is all about? Choose a name wisely that is related to your industry. Analyze domain names of popular websites in your niche look at how they have named their website. It’ll help you to get an idea of choosing the name for your blog.

Find some synonyms, and pick one that is unique, catchy, and easy to remember. For example, my blog is about the Internet so I add a prefix ‘term’ with the internet and it results in ‘terminternet‘.

Use blog name generators, They will generate a number of domain name ideas for your blog, no matter what is your industry about.

Pro Tip: If possible, purchase a custom domain. Otherwise, it may be possible that someone else could buy the same domain name and then it’ll be hard for you to get back that domain

How can I make money from a free blog on

You can make earn money online with a free blog via AdSense on Blogspot. You earning depends on the traffic you have on your blog. If you have visitors from the US, UK, etc., then it’s easy for you to use AdSense and increase your earnings.

To make money online with a free blog on Blogspot, just pick up a niche, write content, engage visitors, once you have at least 500 visitors a day, apply for Google AdSense.

How do I get more visitors to my blog?

Getting more visitors to your blog is not too hard, here are some key points that you need to consider-

  • Write through and bounded content, article length must be 2000+ words.
  • Being consistent, publish blog posts regularly, but don’t drop the quality of the content.
  • Write well-optimized content (with proper SEO).

It usually takes 6 months to rank in search engine results depending on your efforts you’re making on your blog. Make sure, you have to write in-depth content, the reader is like, “wow! this is the end of all the article…”. Be in flow and as mentioned consistency is the key to engage more visitors to your blog. Google also loves fresh content.

How to get AdSense approval for the free blog?

The most commonly used and popular way to monetizing the free Blogspot blog is by using Google AdSense. If you’re also looking for the way to get your AdSense account approved, check out some tips below-

  • Create and publish well optimized 40-50 blog posts before touching AdSense. Doing so will help you to get approval quicker.
  • You must have at least 500 visitors a day before you apply for AdSense. It’ll help you to earn a decent amount from AdSense.
  • You can connect to other people and Facebook groups with already approved AdSense accounts as it’ll be easier for you to monetize your blog’s content with no longer to wait for your AdSense approval.

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