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41 Best Ways to Make Money Online Selling Photos and Prints

You’re reading this blog post because you want to earn money online, right? It might be possible you’re looking for some great ways to make a decent amount of money. So, here is one more way to make money online that I have picked up for you. After the walk-through of this blog post, you would be able to make money online selling photos.

I’ve seen people capturing photos almost everywhere, be it an event, a journey, a walk, and so on. People love to click photos of their surroundings and the objects, species around you. If you’re one of them and you’re good at capturing photos, then this is a golden opportunity for you to make money online selling your photos and prints.

There comes another type of people, who loves to design. Be it vector art, templates, graphics, characters, animes, illustrations, etc. If you fall into this category, then you can also earn selling your photos on one or more websites that I’m going to mention just after a few seconds.

The best thing about this way of making money, that I personally like is, you’re not required to have any special training and any great skill. But, if you have knowledge of photography or if you’re a photographer, then this is an advantage for you.

There are some sites that could provide you 100+ dollars for a single image sold. This is really a huge amount for a single photo. What makes it more worthy is, it is a recurring payment. Which means it’s a kind of passive income. You’ll earn consistently with a greater slope as long as you’ll provide HQ (High-Quality) Photos.

Also, you don’t have to invest much in this. Because most of the people have already powerful camera smartphones. DSLR cameras are easily accessible nowadays. You can start working with any of these devices that fits you, make sure it can provide HQ photos.

If you can, I’ll suggest you buy an affordable camera as I did. Here are my choices for cameras.

  1. Canon M50 Mirrorless Camera – Check on Amazon
  2. Canon 200D Digital SLR Camera – Check on Amazon

You can buy any of these cameras, I do have both and I’m really in love with them.

I’ll mention some worth to read questions after completing the list of best places to sell photos online. Let’s start with the first and foremost way of making money online selling photos.

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1. Make Your Own Website and Sell Photos Online

How to Make Money Online selling Photos & Prints - Create Your Own Site

As a beginner, maybe you’ll not choose this way of making money and selling photos online. But there is a reason why I’m mentioning it in the first place. It is because this is the only way by which you can get the most out of your Business.

Even you can set up a sustainable business making your own site for selling photos. This is the best place to sell photos online and make money. Here are some reasons that support my statement:

  1. You opt to choose your own price range for each and every image you upload to sell.
  2. You’re the owner of your business.
  3. You’ve full control who can see your photos, how your photos will display, each and everything.
  4. You can use your own terms & conditions.

There are many more reasons, but I don’t want to make this blog post too long. So, I’m not mentioning everything in detail. One thing for sure is, this way of making money is far better than any other method I’m going to list here.

There are some disadvantages as well, you’re required to develop your own website from scratch. Although, developing a website is not too hard. If you don’t know how to develop a website, you can check out a guide on developing a photography website with WordPress.

Second, another drawback is, you need to market your website so that your website can reach more relevant people and you could generate sales and grow your business. You have to showcase your photos to people so that they can buy from you.

You have to work hard and make efforts if you’re choosing this method. But once you’re ready to face the efforts for a specific period of time. You’ll never run out of money and I’m pretty sure about it.

If you need help in Marketing – Contact us, We have a number of satisfied & happy clients.

2. Adobe Stock or Fotolia by Adobe



Earn Money Online Selling Photos - Adobe Stock | Fotolia

Adobe Stock and Fotolia are two separate platforms (domain), but Fotolia is now Adobe Stock. So, I’m mentioning both as a single way of making money online selling photos.

You can sell stock photos, videos, and vectors online on Adobe Stock or Fotolia as a Contributor. As the name suggests, it has been developed by ‘Adobe’, the maker of the most popular and widely used software like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, etc.

This is one of the oldest platforms for selling photos and has been around for more than 10 years. One thing that makes it different from others is, photo uploaded for sell on Adobe Stock is also available on other programs of Adobe like Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, etc. which makes it easier to sell images since it can be accessed by millions of buyers using Adobe software.

Adobe Stock (Fotolia) offers 33% of commission for every photo sold and in case of vector art, you’ll get 35% of the commission as a contributor. They never ask you to be the exclusive seller of your photos. I think Adobe stock will remain the prime option for buying and selling photos. You can start selling on Adobe stock today and start earning money online while you’re sleeping.

Adobe stock has introduced a new tool i.e., auto keywording feature. It provides you with the list of top keywords in order to optimize your image and hence grow your sales.

FAQs about Adobe Stock (Fotolia)

What are the requirements to become a Contributor (or to sell photos)?

  1. You need HQ photos, videos, vectors or related content and all this stuff must be completely yours.
  2. The second requirement is, you must be at least 18 years old and the owner of the photo you’re selling.
  3. If your photo/video/vector contains some recognizable person or private property, you’re required to attach a signed release.

What type of Photos I can sell on Adobe Stock?

Photos/Videos/Vectors/Illustration that must be of High-Quality get the most sales on Adobe Stock. Images that include models, culture, technology, fashion & beauty, food, business, lifestyle, portraiture, etc. are widely and frequently sold images across the globe.

How do I get paid for the sold content?

You will get paid after completing a minimum of $25 via PayPal or Skrill. Your commission as mentioned already.

You can check out the official stock contributor user guide about payment and taxes.

 3. Shutterstock


How to Make Money by Selling Photos - Shutterstock

Shutterstock was founded back in 2003 with a massive number of digital photographs. Today it is one of the leading global technology companies selling and buying photos across the globe. Shutterstock has already paid $500 Million to its contributors.

If you love photography or you want to build your career in photography, it’s highly recommended for you to apply on Shutterstock as a contributor. Shutterstock offers its own tools, tips, and support so that you can make more money. Smart tools are already embedded with the platform to track your reports.

Shutterstock has already more than 200 million images, videos, and music tracks for sale. It doesn’t mean that there is already much content on the website, the market is huge, they have millions of buyers as well.

All you need to start is go and sign up there, get approved first. After you’re done approving just produce HQ content, submit it on site, and whenever any of your images will get sold you’ll get paid on every sold image. You can make even more money by referring to new contributors and customers.

The commission to the contributors is up to 30% and payments are done on a monthly basis. The great thing about this platform is similar to that of Adobe stock, you’re not required to sell exclusively.

4. Alamy


Best places to sell photos online and make money | Alamy

Alamy is just after the Shutterstock, they have 155 Million stock images, vectors, videos, and 360-degree panoramic images. This site is widely popular for interactive 360-degree panoramic photos. The thing that most people like about Alamy is, they do not have strict rules and guidelines.

Although this site does not have as many buyers as Adobe stock and Shutterstock have, still they have paid out $180 million dollars to their contributors. You can upload your photos here without licensing or any other copyright issues. They have comparatively higher commission towards contributors i.e., around 50% on every sold photo. This is because Alamy is known as the best site for earn money online selling photos.

How to sell images on Alamy?

There are four simple steps you have to follow in order to sell your images and make money online. The steps are as follows:

 Step 1: Take a great photo or create a cool illustration.

Step 2: Upload your image to the Alamy website and add tags to describe it.

Step 3: In 24 hours, your image is available for purchase by Alamy customers around the world.

Step 4: Customer license the image from Alamy, then customers pay Alamy and Alamy pays you.

Here’s why Alamy claims that they have the best place to sell your stock images?

The first and foremost reason Alamy mentioned on their official site is, you can share them anything, they do not edit your content, unlike other platforms. They have a broader but unique collection of unique stock photos that a customer may purchase.

Second, Alamy boasts that they have a good percentage of commission towards contributors and non-exclusive contracts. While most of the other agencies offer only 30% of the commission. Also, they don’t tie you with a long-term contract.

At third, they have dedicated sales teams across the world (mostly in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia). You opt to sell your images in almost every country or region.

Download PDF on how to pass QC (Quality check).

5. Etsy


How to sell photos online and make money | Etsy

Opening a shop on Etsy and selling your photos might be a wise choice, because this site has been around for long, people trust on this site and hence it has a huge number of buyers. Setting up a shop on Etsy is easy, you can easily sell your photos and make money on this site online.

Here are the steps (in short), how can you start selling photos online on Etsy.

Step 1: Register yourself on Etsy and create a new account (start as a seller).

Step 2: Think and Name your shop (choose a unique, relevant, and catchy name).

Step 3: Customize your shop branding (you have to customize shop icon, cover photos, banners, etc.)

Step 4: Set up your shop policies (policies like you accept returns or not, shipping, and charges, etc.)

Step 5: Upload your product images and set up listings (listing costs $0.20)

Step 6: Determine the preferred shipping process.

Step 7: Promote and market your shop.

This site has far more buyers than most of the other sites do have. With photos, you can sell their prints as well, but they must be properly packed and shipped.

What is the best thing that I personally like most is that you can set your own prices for your photos? You’re free to showcase your product(s) the way you want.

6. Fotomoto


best place to sell photo and prints online | Fotomoto

It is not the same as I’m listing till now, it’s not a marketplace. This is a widget that integrates with your website to sell photos online. They manage everything itself, all you need is to add the code to your site and start earning money online.

Fotomoto has different features and different monthly plans along with transaction fees. They do not have hard to follow procedures, you can start today. This is a bit complicated to start with Fotomoto, that’s why it’s not what I’ll personally recommend to you if you’re a beginner. But if you can do it, you can make a decent amount easily.

7. Crestock


best places to sell photo online | Crestock

Crestock is also a stock marketplace where you can make money online selling photos easily. You can register on this site for free and start uploading your photos here. Then it’ll take some time to approve/disapprove the photos. If disapproved, make sure to change photos or try your hand on some other site.

After you’re done approving your photo, they’ll be added in your Crestock portfolio. Then you have to add keywords and the description for every image you upload. Images with keywords and description are easier to find and could be easily reviewed and more likely to get accepted.

How to register as an artist?

Sign up on the website by filling up the given form there. Your registration will be activated instantly.

8. 500px


How to Earn Money Online Selling Photos | 500px

This is one of the best platforms especially for photographers since there are already a huge number of photographers already active on 500px. You can capture, edit, share, and discover some awesome photos on this site. The number of photographers is over 15 million.

You can make money by submitting your photos on this platform and get licensed your photos through their exclusive distribution partners. You can join 500px for free and submit your images. The interesting thing about this site is, they use to run several contests that will help you earn more money.

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9. Snapped4u


How to make money online Selling Photos | Snapped4u

The site is basically developed to sell event photos like weddings, portrait photos, etc. Snapped4u gives you an option to create your own gallery and upload photos along with their prices. The maximum price for a photo could be up to $20.

Whenever any of your photos will be sold out, you’ll receive your earnings, but snapped4u will charge a fixed commission for it. Your earnings can be transferred to you via PayPal on the 1st and 15th of each month. You opt to create your custom URL for your active galleries so that you can sale and create a custom page exclusively. This is a great fundraising opportunity!

You can register and upload your photos on this site for free, there is nothing like registration charges and there are no posting or processing fees. If we talk about the commission, photos with $5 or less will be charged a commission of $0.50 and less than 10% commission on all photos with a price more than $5.

10. PhotoShelter


Photoshelter is a platform to sell prints and deliver them to clients. Basically, you need to set up your template and showcase your photos on this platform. If someone chooses to buy the prints of your photos then you have to sell and deliver those chosen photos to the buyer.

There are some prices and plans you need to buy on this platform in order to upload the photos. Plans vary on a monthly and annual basis and depending on the storage you’re choosing.

I’ll recommend you this only if you have some prior experience and you want to sell prints along with digital photos. It’s simpler, faster, easier and better.

11. BlueMelon


Make Money Online Selling Photos | BlueMelon

BlueMelon is also another website for photographers to upload, share, and sell images & videos. You can create a website from BlueMelon and upload your photos on your site. You have to customize your website accordingly, you can set up your logo, header, footer, and so on along with your own domain.

You then can sell your photos or videos with zero fees, you are free to set your own prices for your content, you can offer discounts to skyrocket your sales as a beginner. BlueMelon offers a number of options to receive your hard earnings. You can also integrate your social media or blog/website to upload your content.

12. TourPhotos


Make Money Selling Tour Photos | TourPhotos

TourPhotos are mainly dedicated to tourism photos. Most of the agencies and tour & travel companies upload their content on this site and any person can buy from this site.

If you love traveling and capture photos while traveling then this is the best place for you, just sell your photos online and make money, since like-minded people are active on this site all the time.

13. SmugMug


How to earn Money Online Selling Photos | SmugMug

SmugMug is a great opportunity for building and marketing your brand and take yourself to the next level. You can easily sell, share, and protect your images on SmugMug.

You have to start by creating your own site for your photos. For that, choose the desired template and layout of your gallery then upload images. There are a number of tools available to customize and control all your content and stuff.

SmugMug lets you keep your up to 85% of the earnings. Unfortunately, they do not have a free plan, their plan starts with $12.50 per month.

14. GettyImages and iStockPhoto by GettyImages



How to earn money online by selling photos | GettyImages | IStockPhoto

These two platforms are similar to that of Adobe Stock and Fotolia as I’ve mentioned in this blog post above.

The customer base of iStockPhoto and GettyImages is really huge. There are over 1.5 million customers in more than 200 countries. So, you have a wider opportunity to sell your content and licensed across the globe.

If we talk about contributors, then the number is 200,000+. In these 200K+ contributors, there are professionals and beginners as well.

How to Join iStockPhotos (GettyImages)?

To join the GettyImages, you need to download their Contributor by Getty Images app. Then share 3-6 photo samples/videos/illustrations. Then your content will go under review and if approved. you’ll be notified.

How does iStockPhoto or GettyImages work?

If you get approved, your content will be available on the site for sale and license. Every sale, you’ll earn an amount that varies image to image. The more content you have that is of high-quality and have more customer demand, the more will be your earnings.

All you have to take care of is, you have to shoot what customers need most. So, make sure to do your research before applying on a site and submitting your work.

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Other Stock Photo Sites to Sell your Photos or Prints and Make Money Online

15. PicFair


Money Making tips for Begineers by Selling Photos | PicFair

PicFair is a stock marketplace where you’re free to decide your sales price. PicFair charges a commission of 20% on each image sold.

16. EyeEm


How to sell photos online and make money | EyeEm

This site keeps 50% of the commission on every sold photo range between $20-$250. The advantage of this site is that they provide regular guides and instructions to boost your sales and hence earnings.

17. Foap


How to make Money with Photography Online using Phone | Foap

This site is for phone photographers. Here, prices are fixed, you can sell each image for $10 and you’ll receive 50% of your earnings which means a fixed amount of $5 on every photo. Payments are done monthly but there are some opportunities to earn more cash.

18. Dreamstime


How to earn Money from selling pictures | DreamsTime

Dreamstime offers up to 60% of your earnings exclusively.  The more your image is downloaded the more royalty your image will have. One can sell their image starting from $0.34 to $2.38 (USD). If you’re using a digital camera phone, start with the free Dreamstime app.

19. Sell on Social Media

Make money online selling images on Social Media

This method to make money online selling photos via Social Media is best for the one who used to spend lots of time on Social Media. You can sell your photos, stock, videos and other stuff on your social media.

You can even start purchasing from others and sell to your customers by keeping a commission. If you have a huge fan base on social media, then you can easily start selling today.

20. 123RF


Best places to sell photos online and make money | 123RF

The 123RF site is also a stock marketplace that offers from 30% to 60% of the commission to you on every sold photo.

21. Animals Animals


This site is dedicated to selling high-quality animal and nature photos. Submit photos and makeup to 50% of the commission. Check out the site guidelines.

22. Bigstock


The earnings on this site based on the downloads and the plans you’ve chosen on this site. Also, prices vary for different sizes of images.

23. BlendImages


BlendImages offers you to sell a wide variety of images including but not limited to Business, skies, industry, winter, Zen Living, much more. In order to join BlendImages as a Contributor, you have to contact –
[email protected]

24. Corbis

This site has now been owned by Getty images. To join Corbis, visit

25. Cutcaster


Cutcaster offers a commission between 40% to 65% on each photo sold. Payments are done within a few days after the month ends. You can earn more by referrals.

26. DepositPhotos


You can register as a contributor to DepositPhotos for FREE with no obligations. Then you have to pass an exam where you have to upload your best HQ photos and all set, just upload more and sell more. The commission is from 34% to 42%.

From here, you know the general overall procedure to be a contributor and sell photos to make money online. So, In order to make this blog post shorter, I’m just mentioning the name of the site along with their link. So, to know more about a particular site, just click on the link and know more about it.

27. Envato Market

To know more about it, click –

28. GL Stock Images

To know more about it, click –

29. Image Vortex

To know more about it, click –

30. IngImage

To know more about it, click –

31. Pond5

To know more about it, click –

32. StockFood

To know more, click –


To know more, click –

34. Stocksy

Know more about it, click –

35. TextureVault

To know more, visit –

36. Veer

To know more about it, go to the link –

37. Yay Micro

To know more, visit –

38. Twenty20

Know more about it, click –

Make Money Online Selling Photos for Instagram

39. InstaPrints

On this site, you can upload your photos easily and buyer can buy those photos to upload them on their Instagram. Payments are made on 15th of every month vi PayPal. 

To Know more, visit –

Bonus: Get Hired as a Photographer

40. Scoopshot

This site is a bit different, this is basically for a photographer to get hired.

To know more, make sure you visit –

41. Craigslist

This is the platform where you buy Ads and get yourself hired. This is basically for photography works. You can make money selling photos, prints and photography work.

Just visit –

Final Words to Conclude

It took me a lot of time to complete this blog post. I started listing all the sites from the existing blog famous blog posts. Those blog posts are not updated and still on the first page of Google.

Then I checked each and every website on my own, I kept and listed all the working sites to make money online selling photos, prints, and to get hired as a photographer.

You can make money by capturing and uploading photos to various sites listed here, whenever a buyer will purchase your photo, you’ll make some decent money. Although, a fixed commission will be kept by the website or You have to pay a fixed amount to the website.

You’re not required to have great skills, but if you know about photography, then this is a plus point for you. You can start today with your phone or with a Camera if you have. Make sure to maintain the Quality of the photos. Almost every kind of photo is sold every day.

If you like this blog post, please share and like it. Also, if you have any queries, comment me and I’ll personally reach out to you and help you. I’ll be glad to hear from you. Thanks!

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